Feature coming soon: Agent Assist Google CCAI

Learn about contact center management, from skills, queues, wrap-up codes, routing, canned responses, analytics, and agent assist.

ACD skills

Genesys Cloud uses ACD skills to help match customers with the most suitable agents based on a customer’s needs. Add skills and then assign them to help customers find the agent who can help them the most.

Manage queues

Create, edit, and delete queues, designate members, associate wrap-up codes, and enter the number of seconds that alert timeouts display for interaction channels for the entire organization.

Create and edit wrap-up codes

Create, edit, and delete the wrap-up codes agents use at the end of an interaction.

Manage ACD routing

Configure agents to allow them to open and read ACD-routed emails and messages.

Canned responses

Create and organize libraries of standard text responses to commonly asked questions

Configure analytics options

Panel manager

Select the default panels for agents to see when they receive interactions.

Agent assist

Configure agent assist to provide suggested FAQ responses for agents during a customer call.