Genesys Cloud for Salesforce can route Salesforce emails through Genesys Cloud for Salesforce with the Routing of Salesforce Emails integration.


With the Routing of Salesforce Emails integration, agents are alerted about all interactions types (both Genesys Cloud interactions and Salesforce email interactions) in the client, but respond to Salesforce emails on cases in Salesforce.

Get started

Create an OAuth client and configure authentication for the integration. Then configure the routing of Salesforce emails and create a flow in Flow Builder to route the emails. With advanced customizations in flow builder, you can set screen pops, modify interactions details, or add data to the interaction logs in Salesforce.

Advanced customization with SDK

Instead of using Flow Builder, developers familiar with Salesforce can route Salesforce emails by accessing our SDK through two namespaces. The SDK uses the Salesforce Apex programming language.

Work with routing

After Salesforce emails start to route, you can monitor the routing activity and fix failed routing requests in Salesforce. 


For general troubleshooting, check the logs in Salesforce. The Logging section includes logs about any integration that you configured as part of the managed package settings. For more information, see Managed package settings.