About predictive routing

Predictive routing enables you to use machine learning to optimize your key performance indicators (KPIs) by matching each interaction with the available agent best able to handle it.   

Predictive routing overview

Understand how predictive routing works. Learn how predictive routing makes decisions and how you can monitor the logic underlying agent scores. 

Add predictive routing to your organization

Start a free trial period or purchase predictive routing for your organization. Includes a list of the permissions required to use predictive routing.

Benefit assessment

Trigger a process that evaluates all your queues to determine which queues can effectively apply predictive routing to improve your KPIs.

Comparison testing

Test how effectively predictive routing works on a queue, compared to standard or bullseye routing.

Ongoing value monitoring

Monitor the ongoing value of using predictive routing, compared to standard or bullseye routing. 

Configure queues for predictive routing

Learn about configuring queues to use predictive routing, including how to set the KPI and timeout.

Billing and reporting

View your bill to see charges for predictive routing. Find reports tracking interactions processed by GPR, agent scores, routing method used, and so on.