About interaction routing (ACD)

ACD (automatic call distribution) is the contact center art and science of getting the right call to the right person as quickly as possible. Genesys Cloud ACD dynamically matches customer interactions and agents, processing and assigning interactions to the appropriate agent.

Understand how interaction routing works

Learn how Genesys Cloud processes incoming interactions and dynamically selects the most appropriate agent to handle an interaction using Genesys Cloud ACD, Genesys Cloud’s automatic call distribution system. 

Learn about the options for configuring interaction routing

As a queue administrator, you can specify how a queue’s ACD processing should work. The evaluation method that you select determines how Genesys Cloud processes skill requests, and the routing method determines the use of standard ACD or bullseye routing. Each combination of evaluation and routing methods results in different routing behavior.

Configure interaction routing for a queue

Each queue configuration includes settings for interaction routing. The queue configuration indicates which routing methods the queue uses, assigns queue members to bullseye rings, and defines queue members’ maximum capacity for handling interactions. 

Configure skills-based routing 

In addition to the queue configuration, you must add ACD skills and languages to use with skills-based routing, and then assign them to the agents who are proficient with those skills and languages.

Other interaction routing features and configuration

Learn more about setting up and configuring call routing, ACD email routing, and ACD message routing for your organization.