Groups are communities within your organization based on common skills, relationships, location, or other information.

Create a group

 Administrators and business users with group creation permissions can create a group. Create a group for anything: subject matter experts, projects, or locations. Add people to groups one at a time to build a custom group. Use group membership rules to add or remove members automatically based on their profile information or relationships. Create dynamic groups based on skill expressions. See the members of a group on group profile pages, and a person’s groups on their profile page.

Find and join groups 

Browse or search groups in your organization to find the groups you need. Filter the search results by official or social group types to refine your search. Ask the group owner to add you as a group member.

Communicate with groups

Start a one-on-one chat with a group member or chat with the whole group at once. Monitor group conversations, ask questions, or make announcements. To talk with a group of people without creating a group, create your own multi-user chat room.