Limitations with AudioHook Monitor

When you work with AudioHook Monitor in Genesys Cloud, consider these limitations:

  • Streaming over AudioHook of ACD agent consult recordings is not supported. For more information, see Record ACD agent consult calls.
  • When agents perform a consult transfer during a program change between their respective queues, no method exists for the edge to be aware of the program change in this specific scenario. For instance, if a consult transfer occurs between an agent in queue q1 assigned to program p1 and an agent in queue q2 assigned to program p2, the edge cannot detect this transformation, and the entire interaction is treated as belonging to the original program p1. A workaround involves running a blind transfer to the second agent.
  • Audiohook does not store data; it only streams audio to the third-party. Genesys does not support using AudioHook for data storage.

For more information, see About AudioHook Monitor.