AudioHook Monitor pricing


  • Genesys Cloud 3 license

Use AudioHook Monitor to stream conversation audio to third-party services and then process that audio for voice biometrics, transcription, recording, and agent assist. This feature adheres to PCI DSS compliance when secure pause runs during secure flows. However, you cannot use it for PCI use cases to stream audio during secure flows. Best practice recommends that you do not use AudioHook Monitor to process audio during PCI-relevant interactions such as Architect secure flows. For more information, see PCI DSS compliance. For more information, see PCI DSS compliance.

  • Genesys charges for each AudioHook Monitor session. The maximum allowable number of streaming sessions is two. For example, you might have a streaming session for voice biometrics, and another for transcription.
  • Genesys charges for the AudioHook Monitor session when streaming begins and stops charging when streaming ends.
  • Genesys Cloud charges during the connection, including during a server-side initiated pause, but not for secure or client-initiated pause.
  • Genesys charges conversations per each minute that AudioHook Monitor runs.
  • Genesys tracks actual usage and then rounds it to the nearest minute at the month end.
  • Volume tiers are available. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager or sales representative.

AudioHook Monitor per minute pricing

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