Directory integrations

July 1, 2020


  • TLS transport protocol for BYOC Cloud trunks
  • Force TURN for WebRTC implementations
  • Network capture for troubleshooting

Contact center

  • Google Dialogflow environments for an Architect flow
  • New Date Span options for Metric widgets in Performance Dashboards
  • Supervisor actions in Agent Status widget in Performance Dashboards
  • Contact verification and interaction history enhancements for additional selected regions


  • Long polling for Genesys Cloud clients and network configurations deprecation removal
  • Data sync connector deprecation update
  • Web services data dip connector deprecation update
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October 25, 2017

Contact center

  • Architect bypass audio sequence support for call flows
  • Workforce management short-term forecasting enhancements
  • Workforce management supported media types


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 data actions integration
  • Support for Active Directory Connector custom attributes
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February 8, 2017


  • Loading of chat history

Contact center

  • Outbound email on behalf of a queue


  • Genesys Cloud for CIC co-browse feature
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August 10, 2016

Contact center

  • Inbox support for time off requests
  • Policy-based recording of email interactions
  • Option to override default retention behavior for recording policies in conflict


  • Genesys Cloud for CIC
  • Custom actions for web services data dip connector
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