Genesys Cloud - October 25, 2017

Contact center

Architect bypass audio sequence support for call flows

Administrators and contact center managers can now use a new audio sequence editor setting to control whether caller input can interrupt the audio in the sequence. For more information, see About barge-in options.

Workforce management short-term forecasting enhancements

Supervisors and contact center managers can now edit modifications directly in the short-term forecast grid, and click and drag data points in the short-term forecast graph. Both actions create modifications entries in the forecast. For more information, see Manage a forecast modification.

Workforce management supported media types

Workforce management now supports these additional media types in forecasts and schedules: ACD voicemails, scheduled callbacks, and unscheduled callbacks. For more information, see Navigate the short-term forecast and Work with the intraday monitoring view.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 data actions integration

The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 data actions integration runs as a Genesys Cloud service. The integration provides static actions and enables administrators to create custom actions that can act on data in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The integration replaces the previous Microsoft Dynamics CRM data dip connector that ran on the Genesys Cloud bridge server. For more information, see About the Microsoft Dynamics 365 data actions integration.

Support for Active Directory Connector custom attributes

Administrators can now map supported custom attributes defined in their Active Directory schema to supported fields in their organization’s Genesys Cloud profile. For more information, see Configure Active Directory custom attributes in Genesys Cloud.