Port DID number management enhancement for Genesys Cloud Voice

Genesys Cloud now has an automated system for porting DID numbers from the existing carrier into Genesys Cloud Voice. Telephony administrators can manually enter the numbers or use the new convenient bulk import feature. For more information, see Port DID numbers

Contact center

View agent workforce management schedules on Android devices

Genesys Cloud now offers a mobile application, Genesys Tempo™, that enables agents to view their workforce management schedules, and submit and view time off requests. This feature is currently available for Android devices, with iOS device access coming soon. Future releases will include shift trading and push notifications. For more information, see Mobile apps for workforce management schedules, FAQs: Tempo for Android, and About workforce management for agents.

Google Dialogflow integration in Architect chat and messaging flows

Architect’s Call Dialogflow Bot action is now available for use in chat and messaging flows, in addition to call flows. Administrators and contact center managers can use this action with the Google Dialogflow integration, which processes the interaction according to Dialogflow Bot configuration. Then, the bot returns the interaction with intents and slots to Architect for further processing. For more information, see About the Google Dialogflow integration and Call Dialogflow Bot action.

Digital flow support for Flow Performance views

Genesys Cloud now includes inbound chat, inbound email, and inbound message flows in Flows Performance views. With the addition of digital media types, contact center managers and supervisors gain more insight into their flows and flow outcomes. For more information, see Flows Performance Summary viewFlows Destinations view, and Flow Outcomes Summary view

New filters for Flow Performance views

Contact center managers and supervisors now have additional filters for viewing information on flows and flow outcomes in the Flow Performance views. The new filters include Media Type, To, From, Provider, and Message Type. For more information, see Flows Performance Summary viewFlows Destinations view, and Flow Outcomes Summary view

Performance Dashboards enhancement

Contact center managers and supervisor can now add a chart to a single-cell widget in Performance Dashboards. This feature makes it easier to fit more chart widgets on a single row in a dashboard. For more information, see Add and edit Performance Dashboards.


TLS 1.1 protocol deprecation removal

On July 29, 2020, Genesys removed the ability to connect to Genesys Cloud with the TLS 1.1 protocol. Data actions and other components can still connect to REST endpoints with the TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 endpoints. For more information, see Deprecation: TLS 1.1. protocol