Set wrap-up code mappings for outbound dialing


The following permissions:

  • Outbound > Wrapupcodemapping > Add
  • Outbound > Wrapupcodemapping > Delete
  • Outbound > Wrapupcodemapping > Edit
  • Outbound > Wrapupcodemapping > View
  • Routing > Wrapupcode > Search

It is important to understand the distinction between wrap-up codes and wrap-up mappings:

  • Wrap-up codes indicate the outcome of an interaction; for example, a completed sale. An administrator defines wrap-up codes at the queue level. While performing after call work, an agent assigns a wrap-up code to indicate the outcome of each call.
  • Wrap-up mappings flag a single number or the entire contact as uncallable, based on the wrap-up code assigned to an interaction.

After defining wrap-up codes, identify any that correlate to records the system should not call again. For example, if an agent spoke with the intended party, you may not want a campaign to redial that person.

By themselves, wrap-up codes don’t make records uncallable. You can map a wrap-up code to three possible terminating classifications. These classifications tell outbound dialing whether the number dialed or all numbers in a contact row are uncallable.

In outbound dialing, under wrap-up code mappings, the classifications you can map to a wrap-up code are:

  • Contact Uncallable—all telephone numbers for a contact are uncallable. This classification persists across multiple runs of a campaign and across campaigns using the same contact list.
  • Number Uncallable—the number dialed when the wrap-up was assigned is uncallable. This classification persists across multiple runs of a campaign and across campaigns using the same contact list.
  • Right Party Contact—the person who answered was the person the campaign was supposed to reach. The current campaign does not dial any other numbers for that contact. This classification does not persist across multiple runs of a campaign. If the campaign is recycled or completed, the contact can be dialed again unless the classification is selected as Contact Uncallable or Number Uncallable.

During the course of a campaign, agents assign wrap-up codes to indicate the outcome of each call. Afterward, wrap-up mappings determine whether a contact can be dialed again. Eventually a campaign will complete because all of its records are uncallable, based on terminating wrap-up mappings.


For example, suppose that a preview campaign offers agents three wrap-up codes: Success, Failure, and Bad Number. In outbound dialing, under wrap-up code mappings, the mappings would be:

Figure shows sample wrap-up codes mapped to terminating classifications

  • When an agent accomplishes the campaign goal (makes a sale for example), he assigns Success during after-call work. Success is mapped to Contact Uncallable, to prevent the contact from being dialed again.
  • If the agent cannot accomplish the campaign goal, the agent assigns the Failure wrap-up. Since it is mapped to Contact Uncallable and Right Party contact, no phone numbers for that contact are dialed again.
  • If a dialed number is invalid (out of service, for example), the agent assigns the Bad Number wrap-up. In this case, the wrap-up mapping prevents that number from being dialed again. If the contact record contains extra contact columns, the additional contacts are dialed.

  • Wrap-up codes and wrap-up mappings work together to exclude from dialing, contacts, or numbers that a campaign has processed.
  • Some calls never get wrapped up by an agent because they are not routed to an agent. A number that is uncallable for some reason, or which returns a busy, is evaluated by the system to see if it should be flagged as uncallable. Genesys Cloud handles those situations automatically—see Wrap-up codes assigned by outbound dialing. Administrators merely must define which agent-assigned wrap-ups are terminating.
  • The system runs wrap-up rules and wrap-up mapping actions only after the first agent wrap-up. If the agent subsequently chooses a different wrap-up, the system does not rerun the wrap-up rules and mapping actions.
  • Conversations can have multiple wrap-ups. It is possible to see a different wrap up code on a conversation when searching in Genesys Cloud.
  • When checking to see which wrap-up code Dialer used to run mappings and rules, either of the following provides the wrap-up code:
    • Exporting the contact list associated with the campaign and checking the code on the attempts made to a contact
    • Running a GET /api/v2/outbound/contactlists/{contactListId}/contacts/{contactId}