With this release, Genesys automatically migrated customers for each organization that uses workforce management. The migration automatically added the new configuration categories in workforce managements with values based on each customer’s existing configuration.

Note: Genesys performed the migration automatically. Existing configuration remains the same.

What does the migration add?

During the migration, Genesys automatically updated the organization with many new features and enhancements. Click to expand and view a comprehensive list.

The migration includes the following new and updated features:

Feature Details Added Updated Removed No changes
Business units

Added one business unit to the organization for each management unit 

Gave the business unit a name based on the management unit name.

Set the business unit to the same division as the management unit’s division during migration.

Moved historical weeks from the management unit to the business unit.

Management units Assigned the management unit to the new business unit.

Management unit scheduling configuration now includes planning period start date and length.

Management unit shift trades configuration now includes an option to specify whether agents must handle the same planning group.

Moved the following settings from the management unit to the business unit:

  • Start day or week
  • Time zone
Service Goal Templates

Added one or more service goal templates within the business unit.

Associated queues to planning groups.

Named each new Service Goal Template the same name as the Service Goal Group it is based on.

Assigned each Service Goal Template the same Service Goals as the Service Goal Group it is based on.

Associated each new Service Goal Template with the new business unit.
Service Goal Groups Replaced with Service Goal templates.
Planning Groups

Added one or more planning groups within the business unit.

Associated queues with planning groups, not service goal groups.

Planning group configuration for media type and route path associations includes:

  • Each planning group is limited to one media type
  • Route path associations support language and skill set settings in addition to queue

For every queue + media combination that was configured previously within a service goal group, one new planning group is created for each queue + media + language + skill set combination that had interaction volume in the past 6 weeks.

Each planning group has a service goal template assigned to it with the same service goals that were configured on the service goal group previously.


Added an agent view that lists agents who are associated with a planning group.

In the Agent view, the planning groups column replaces the queues, languages, and skills columns.

In the Agent view, an extra option exists to filter agents assigned to a management unit. 

Activity Codes

All activity codes configured in the management unit moved to the business unit.

Work Plans

The work plan configuration now contains four new tabs:

  • Weekly constraints
  • Weekend constraints
  • Planning period constraints
  • General constraints
Short-Term Forecasts 

Existing short-term forecasts moved to the business unit.

Short-term forecast includes a new Import Forecast Data option that allows users to import an externally created forecast.

Note: This import is not a historical data import.

The number of weeks displayed in a short-term forecast can now be one to six (previously only 1), depending on the creation method: (1–6 for Automatic Best Method Selection and Import Forecast, 1 only for Weighted Historical Index and Weighted Historical Index with Source Data Import).

The following metrics were removed from short-term forecasting: 
  • Average Talk Time
  • Average ACW Time

Average Handle Time remains.

For short-term forecast modifications, in existing forecasts the above removed metrics still appear, but are tagged as Legacy.


All existing schedules move to the business unit.

Time-Off Requests No changes or updates.
Shift Trades No changes or updates.
Intraday Monitoring

Planning group replaces queue.

Real-Time Adherence

Added a Management Unit column.

Historical Adherence

Moved from the management unit to the business unit.

Naming updates

Because queue, language, and skill set names are not localized in different languages, they appear in the planning group name as they were before the migration. The media type became part of the new planning group name based on its English name (voice, email, callback, chat, message).

Example 1

  • Queue name: Ventes
  • Media type: Voice
  • Language: Francais
  • Skill set: les fenetres
  • Planning Group name: “Ventes-Voice-Francais-les fenetres”

Example 2

  • Queue name: Support
  • Media type: Email
  • Language: English
  • Skill set: Android
  • Planning Group name: “Support-Email-English-Android”

How does this change my current configuration?

This automated process did not change existing customer configurations.  

As a customer, what must I do after the migration occurs?

After the migration occurs, you can update and modify their configuration to take advantage of the new features like merging more than one MU into the same BU for example.