Grant agents access to their own interactions and recordings

Genesys Cloud allows granting limited access to an agent to only view their own interactions and recordings.

To grant access to an agent to their own interactions and recordings, create a role that includes the permissions

  • Analytics > Conversation Detail > View
  • Recording > Recording > View permission or Recording > RecordingSegment > View permission 

Note: Agents can be granted access to the entire interaction recording, or only to segments of a recording. For more information, see the Work with an interaction to which recording segment access control was applied section in Work with an interaction overview

Both of the above permissions must have the following permission condition:

Condition type





Specific userId,  special value for “Current User”

It is recommended that you do not give the agent the Analytics Conversation Detail View permission to remove access to the interactions view. The lack of this permission, will disable the agent from being able to access the Interactions view to search for interactions that the agent is not a part of.

The agent will need the Interaction Details view URL to access the recording.  This URL is typically provided when a Quality Evaluation is evaluated and released for the specific interaction. Alternatively, the URL can be obtained through external means, such as retrieving it from a CRM system or case-tracking system.  The ability for agents to search for their own recordings within Genesys Cloud will be provided in the future as a roadmap feature.