Genesys Cloud CX web messaging provides customers with an enhanced experience when they visit your website. Unlike web chat, which provides short-lived, standalone chats, web messaging enables a visitor to enter your site, converse with a bot or agent, and return later to pick up the conversation. With Predictive Engagement, agents can view the entire customer journey as part of the web messaging interaction. Web messaging shares the same features and capabilities as the other Genesys Cloud CX messaging channels that use ACD messaging to enable agents to respond to customer interactions.

How it works with Predictive Engagement

Web messaging overview

  1. A visitor views a website that Genesys Predictive Engagement tracks.
  2. Genesys Predictive Engagement monitors the visitor's behavior on the website and determines when to present a web messaging offer based on action map conditions.
  3. The visitor receives the web messaging offer and either accepts, rejects, or ignores it.