Series: Intraday monitoring

Work with the intraday monitoring view

You can view intraday data by queue, media type, and date. You can select a single queue, or all queues. To begin working with the intraday monitoring view:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Intraday Monitoring.

By default, this view uses the management unit’s time zone. Users with administrator permissions can change the displayed time zone by selecting from the list in the upper right corner of the view. This option is helpful for administrators who access the view from a different time zone.

To select a single queue or all queues, click the arrow at the end of the Queue list and choose the desired filter.

Media types include chat, voice (calls), email, messages, and callbacks. Click a media type to filter the intraday monitoring view by a media type.

Note: Scheduled callbacks, non-scheduled callbacks, and ACD voicemail media types appear as callbacks in forecasts and schedules.

Use date filters to customize your view of current historical adherence metrics. You can select a single date, or a specific week, month, or custom date range.

  1. Click the icon for a date filter.
  2. Click a view option for the chosen date type.

The view displays the time period for the selected filter. 

If the selected date filter includes the current interval, then PureCloud refreshes the view every 30 minutes to get the most up-to-date information. If you want to update the current interval statistics, then refresh the page. If the selected date filter shows historical data (past intervals), then the view does not refresh.

Icon Time Period Options
Queues performance day icon Day

Day: Shows data for a single 24-hour day.

Queues performance week icon Week

Week: Shows data for a 7-day time period, starting with the selected management unit’s configured start day of the week.

Previous 7 days: Shows data for the previous 7 days, with today being the seventh day.

Queues performance month icon Month

Month: Shows data for the exact month with no extra days. For example, June 1 through June 30.

Queues performance custom icon Custom range view Date range picker: Shows data for the range of dates that you select with the date picker, with a maximum of 31 days. Click the date display to select a start date and an end date on the calendar, then click Apply.

View metrics for a different time period

To view metrics for a different time period using the same filter settings, click the arrows on either side of the date display. For example, to view metrics for the previous week, click the week filter and then click the arrow on the left side of the date.

View metrics for the current time period

To view metrics for the time period that includes the current interval, click Today

When you download the data into a .csv file, PureCloud exports data for the selected queue, media type, date, and selected columns.

Click Export :

Select one of the following:

  • To export the data for the current queue, select Export Current.
  • To export the data for all queues in the management unit, select Export All Queues.

PureCloud saves the file to your Downloads folder.

If you change the start time, end time, or date, click Refresh to update the displayed data.

Note: The view automatically refreshes at approximately 2 minutes and 32 minutes after each hour.

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