About Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

With its Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) offering, Genesys provides a comprehensive workforce optimization solution that simplifies the agent experience and helps organizations drive results and employee satisfaction with capabilities such as call recording, screen recording, quality management, speech and text analytics, and workforce management.

Call recording

Use policies to determine which ACD calls to record and how long to retain the recordings.

Performance management

Use performance-based metrics to motivate users, manage and track employee performance, and promote development.

Quality management

Use quality management to record and evaluate agents and interactions to improve the contact center experience. Managers can also set up coaching appointments with agents to mentor and help improve agent performance.

Screen recording

Use screen recording to record an agent’s screen during ACD interactions for quality management purposes.

Speech and text analytics

Use automated speech and text analytics capabilities on interactions to provide deep insight into customer-agent conversations.

Workforce management

Use workforce management to configure and manage business units, management units, service goal templates, planning groups, activity codes, and more. Create and work with schedules, manage real-time and historical adherence, view and manage intraday monitoring, and manage agent schedules and time off requests.