Review released evaluations


  • Analytics > Conversation Aggregate > View permission
  • Quality Evaluation > Edit Agent Sign-off permission
  • QualityEvaluation View permission

Agents can review evaluations for specific interactions. Evaluations are typically released for agent review after a Quality Evaluator has scored them. Supervisors and managers can see details about an agent’s evaluations, including whether the agent has reviewed an evaluation, on the Agents Evaluation Detail view. To review your released evaluations, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Performance > Workspace > My Performance.

  2. From the My Performance view, click the Evaluations tab.
  3. From the My Evaluations view, click the Release Date / Time of the evaluation you want to review. 

    • You can also view released evaluations waiting for review from your inbox. For more information, see View evaluations from the inbox.
    • You cannot review evaluations older than 90 days, from the day the evaluation was created, but the evaluations will not be deleted.

  4. From the interactions detail page, review your scores and any comments added by the evaluator while listening to the recording.

  5. To add your comments to the evaluation, click [Agent comments].

  6. To finish reviewing the evaluation, select I have reviewed this evaluation.

  7. Click Save.