My Performance views overview

See your performance as an agent, including your metrics, time in statuses, evaluations, and schedules. To access agent metrics, click Performance > Workspace > My Performance. My Performance views includes the following views:

Note: Each view has its own permissions. For permission requirements, see each view’s article.

Customize the views

Where applicable, you can customize these views to show only certain data. For example, you can arrange to see only some columns or only data from certain date ranges. Your customizations remain as you navigate from view to view or leave and return to a view. You can also save your filter and column settings as a saved view to quickly switch between different data of interest in the same view. You can also export the data in a view. And you can reset a view to default column settings. For more information about the customizations available in each view, see each view’s article. 

Customizations available include:

  • Media type
  • Date
  • Showing or hiding columns
  • Rearranging columns
  • Filtering by user name
  • Filtering by interaction details such as skills and languages
    Note: Real-time updates stop while any interaction detail filters in the Filters pane are active.