If Genesys Cloud automatically links an incorrect contact for your interaction, you can search for the correct contact.

  1. Unlink the contact.
  2. In the contact panel, click Search contacts.
  3. To remove any contact that you do not want to include in the search, in the search box click Remove .
  4. Type the contact’s information in the box. You can search by many types of criteria including name, email address, phone number, and so on.

    Note: The External Contact Management UI converts valid phone numbers to E.164 format. To search for a term without the conversion, enclose the term in quotation marks. For example, to search for account ID 8005551212, enter the following:  "8005551212". To search for a non-E.164 number, 020-2672-6670, enter "020-2672-6670".

  5. View the matching contacts in the list.
    Note: Newly created or updated contacts could take several minutes to appear in the agent view for inbound interactions. 
  6. To view the details of a contact, click the arrow beside the name.
  7. To see more results, click See More Results.
  8. When you find the correct contact, click Link Interaction.

    Important: To build the interaction history for a contact and organization, remember to always link the contact that is associated with an interaction.