Use scripts

Feature deprecation: horizontal script panel. For more information, see Removal of the horizontal script panel.

  • Scripter > Published Script > View permission

The following permissions is required for agents to use scripts that use outbound variables:

  • Outbound > Contact > View

Scripts automatically appear in the Interaction panel for voice interactions.

To display scripts for email and chat interactions, click the script icon.
The Scripts panel icon

Scripts guide you through an interaction. They can be simple or complex, and can consist of one or multiple pages. Scripts can show you the following:

  • Information about a contact, such as name or address. 
  • Prompts to read, such as a greeting or purpose of the call.
  • Instructions to follow, such as when to transfer a call or which wrap up code to set.

Scripts appear either before or after an interaction has connected. The moment a script appears depends on the dialing mode set for the campaign and whether the interaction is inbound or outbound. 

  • You can change the orientation and placement of the script by sliding the Vertical/Horizontal switch.
  • In horizontal view, you can also click to resize the script window to four different sizes.

To use a script, read it and follow the instructions given in the script or by your manager. A script can contain the following:

  • Buttons to click to confirm an action or go to another script page.
  • Fields to type information in, such as customer responses.
  • Lists of choices to select from.
  • An area to schedule a callback.