Use scripts

  • Scripter > Published Script > View permission

Scripts automatically appear in the Interaction panel for voice interactions.

To display scripts for email and chat interactions, click the script icon.
chat navigation with script icon in a red square

Scripts guide an agent through an interaction. They can be simple or complex, and can consist of one or multiple pages. Scripts can show an agent the following:

  • Information about a contact, such as name or address. 
  • Prompts to read, such as a greeting or purpose of the call.
  • Instructions to follow, such as when to transfer a call or which wrap up code to set.

Scripts appear either before or after an interaction has connected. The moment a script appears depends on the dialing mode set for the campaign and whether the interaction is inbound or outbound. 

This image shows the script window with the vertical/horizontal switch.

  • You can change the orientation and placement of the script by sliding the Vertical/Horizontal switch.
  • In horizontal view, you can also click to resize the script window to four different sizes.

To use a script, read it and follow the instructions given in the script or by your manager. A script can contain the following:

  • Buttons to click to confirm an action or go to another script page.
  • Fields to type information in, such as customer responses.
  • Lists of choices to select from.
  • An area to schedule a callback.