• Scripter > Script > View, Execute

The following permissions are required to use a script with data actions

  • Integrations > Action > View, Execute

Enabling a script’s Data Actions property allows it to use external data actions. Data actions are disabled by default.

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Contact Center, click Scripts.
  3. Click a script’s name to open it in the editor.

  4. Click Script dropdown. Then click Script Properties.

  5. Click the Data Actions property group.

  6. Set the switch to its Enabled position.

Related Permissions

To use a script with data actions, agents need Integrations > Action >View and Execute permissions.

Script designers need View and Execute permissions. To add a data action to a script, designers don’t need Add, Delete, and Edit permissions. Those permissions are only required if the designer needs to add, edit, or delete a data action integration. See Products, roles, and permissions list.