Test external gamification metrics

  • Genesys Cloud CX 3, Genesys Cloud CX 1 WEM Add-on II,  Genesys Cloud CX 2 WEM Add-on I, Genesys Cloud CX 3 Digital, or Genesys Cloud EX license
  • Employee Performance > External Metric Definition > Add, Delete, Edit, View
  • External metrics data supplied with an API connection. For more information, see the Genesys Cloud Gamification API.
  • Performance Management Admin role.

    Note: The Performance Management Admin role is enabled for all new organizations. However, anyone with an existing org must add this new role by using the Authorization API to restore all default roles.

    Follow the procedures in this article to test the external metrics feature before you build the integration using Genesys Cloud External Metrics Data Upload API.

    Test the external metrics feature

    1. Configure the external metric definition in Genesys Cloud. For more information, see the External metric definition configurations section in the Configure external metrics article.
    2. Add and enable the external metric in the relevant gamification profile(s). For more information, see Configure gamification profile metrics.
    3. Upload test data for the external metric using the API explorer interface. For more information, see the Using API explorer for testing external metrics section below.

    Using API explorer for testing External Metrics

    1. Go to the Gamification APIs developers page and log in.
    2. In the top right corner of the screen click Account Selection, select a privacy setting and click Add Account.

    3. Select the organization region and sign into your account with your login credentials.

    4. From the list of available Gamification APIs, navigate to and click POST /api/v2/employeeperformance/externalmetrics/data.
    5. Disable Reading Mode.

    6. Click API Request and under Request Body click ExternalMetricDataWriteRequest.
    7. Under Items click Add. A list of external metric data items appears.

    8. Enter details in the fields provided. 
      You should only enter a user ID or email. Not both.
    9. To locate the metricid:
      1. Navigate to Admin Performance & EngagementExternal Metric Definitions.
      2. From the list provided, find the external metric definition for which you want to upload data.
      3. Copy the unique ID from the External ID column.
    10. Return to the Request Body page mentioned in step #6 above and enter the external ID in the metricid field.
    11. Under the Execute Request section, click Execute Request.
    12. Verify that the request was successful.
      A successful response is indicated by the 200 – successful operation message.
    13. Navigate to Admin Performance & EngagementGamification Profiles and click the profile for which you want to test the external metric.
    14. In the top right corner of the screen, ensure that the Enabled option is turned on.
    15. Navigate to the agent’s daily scorecard. 
    16. From the attendance bar, click the date for which you uploaded the external metric test data. 
    17. Verify that the data is available for the external metric.

    • Upload external metrics for the current workday: gamification reflects the update in a few seconds.
    • Upload external metrics for workdays for the previous workday and up to 7 days in the past: gamification reflects the update during the nightly job.
    • Upload external metrics for future dates: gamification reflects the update on the specified future date, during the nightly job. This means that the update will be available on the selected future day, early in the morning.
    • Upload external metrics for workdays more than 7 days in the past: gamification does not reflect the update.
    • Genesys Cloud does not generate gamification points for external metrics uploaded for dates that are prior to an agent being added to a gamification profile.