Outbound campaigns support the following call analysis regions. Learn which regions reference other regions or are synonymous with other regions to help determine the call analysis language to choose when creating or updating a campaign.

Language region Region tag
Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW
Arabic (U.A.E.) ar-AE
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG
Chinese (Simplified, PRC) zh-CN
Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) zh-HK
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) zh-TW
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ
Danish (Denmark) da-DK
Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL
English (Australia) en-AU
English (Canada) en-CA
English (India) en-IN
English (New Zealand) en-NZ
English (South Africa) en-ZA
English (United Kingdom) en-GB
English (United States) en-US
Finnish (Finland) fi-FL
French (Canada) fr-CA
French (France) fr-FR
German (Germany) de-DE
German (Switzerland) de-CH
Global  x-inin-global
Hebrew (Israel) he-IL
Hindi (India) hi-IN
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID
Italian (Italy) it-IT
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP
Korean (Korea) ko-KR
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY
Norwegian (Norway) no-NO
Polish (Poland) pl-PL
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Russian (Russia) ru-RU
Spanish (Chile) es-CL
Spanish (Columbia) es-CO
Spanish (Costa Rica) es-CR
Spanish (Ecuador)  es-EC
Spanish (Guatemala) es-GT
Spanish (Honduras) es-HN 
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX
Spanish (Nicaragua) es-NI
Spanish (Panama) es-PA
Spanish (Peru) es-PE
Spanish (Puerto Rico) es-PR
Spanish (Spain) es-ES
Spanish (United States) es-US
Spanish (Venezuela) es-VE
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE
Tagalog (Philipines) tl-PH
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR

Some call analysis regions use data and receive updates from one or more additional call analysis regions. For example, if a customer selects English (Canada) for call analysis, the analysis uses data from English (United States) and English (United Kingdom). In addition, updates to English (United States) and English (United Kingdom) also update English (Canada). 

This region… References…
Arabic (U.A.E.) Arabic (Kuwait)
Arabic (Kuwait) Arabic (U.A.E.)
Chinese (Simplified, PRC) Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.)
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
Danish (Denmark) Finnish (Finland)
Norwegian (Norway)
Swedish (Sweden)
English (Australia) English (New Zealand)
English (Canada) English (United States)
English (United Kingdom)
English (New Zealand) English (Australia)
English (United Kingdom) English (Canada)
English (United States)
English (United States) English (Canada)
English (United Kingdom)
Finnish (Finland) Danish (Denmark)
Norwegian (Norway)
Swedish (Sweden)
Spanish (Spain) Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (United States) English (Canada)
English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Spanish (Chile)
Spanish (Columbia)
Spanish (Spain)
Spanish (Guatemala)
Spanish (Honduras)
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Panama)
Spanish (Peru)
Spanish (Puerto Rico)
Spanish (Venezuela)
French (Canada) English (Canada)
English (United States)
English (United Kingdom)
Norwegian (Norway) Danish (Denmark)
Finnish (Finland)
Swedish (Sweden)
Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal)
Portuguese (Portugal) Portuguese (Brazil)
Spanish (Spain)
Swedish (Sweden) Danish (Denmark)
Finnish (Finland)
Norwegian (Norway)
Global  All supported regions

Synonymous call analysis regions are the same as another call analysis region, with no functional differences.

This region… Is synonymous with…
Afrikaans (South Africa) English (South Africa)
French (Canada) English (Canada)
Hindi (India) English (India)