Create a call analysis response


The following permissions:

  • Outbound > Responseset > Add
  • Outbound > Responseset Delete
  • Outbound > Responseset > Edit
  • Outbound > Responseset > View
  • Architect > Flow > Search

    1. Click Admin.

    2. Under Outbound Dialing, click Call Analysis Responses.

      figure shows the call analysis view

    3. Click Create New

    4. Type a unique and descriptive name in the Call Analysis Response Name box. This name can contain spaces and special characters, but it must be unique.

      Figure shows how to name a call analysis response entry

    5. For each call analysis result, select an action for the system to take.

      • Hangup disconnects the call.

      • Transfer returns the call to the campaign’s queue so the next available agent can answer it.

      • Transfer to Outbound Flow transfers to the outbound flow you select. Create outbound flows beforehand using Architect

    6. (Optional) If you do not want the system to distinguish between a live voice and an answering machine, click Disable Answering Machine Detection. When the call connects, the system transfers it without evaluating for a machine. 
    7. After you assign an action to every call analysis result, click Save.


Note: An error message appears if the new call analysis response exceeds the maximum limit count of 1000. Delete old or obsolete call analysis responses as needed and click Save again to complete the new call analysis response configuration.