1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Outbound, click Campaign Management.
  3. Click the Voice Campaigns or Digital Campaigns tab.
  4. In the campaigns list, find the campaign you want to assign a call analysis response to. As you cannot change the properties of a running campaign, if the campaign is On, pause the campaign to turn it Off.
    Figure shows how to turn a running campaign off
  5. To edit a campaign’s properties, click its name.
    Figure shows selecting a campaign's name from the list
  6. In the Call Response box, select the call response set to assign to the campaign. Begin typing the call response name to select a name, or use the dropdown list to select a name.
    figure shows control used to select a call analysis response set
    Note: If the Call Response list is empty, Click Cancel, and then create a new call analysis response. After you have created the new call analysis response, it will be available to select in the Call Response box.
  7. Click Save.
    Note: If the campaign was previously running, turn on the campaign in the Status column to restart it. Assigning a call response set has no effect until the campaign is running and selecting records to dial.