1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound, click Campaign Management.

  3. Click the Voice Campaigns or Digital Campaigns tab.

  4. Locate the campaign to which you want to assign a call analysis response entry, and check the status column. If the campaign is enabled (On), then disable it (Off), because you cannot change the properties of a running campaign.

  5.  To edit a campaign’s properties, click its name.

  6. From the Call Response list, select the call response set to assign to the campaign. Type all or part of a name to narrow selections or leave the box empty to list all entries.

    figure shows control used to select a call analysis response set

    Note:  If the Call Response list is empty, click Cancel, and then create a new call analysis response entry. Afterward, use this procedure to assign it to the campaign.
  7. Click Save.

  8. If the campaign was previously running, enable the campaign in the Status column to restart it. Assigning a call response set has no effect until the campaign is running and selecting records to dial.