Agents specify wrap-up codes to indicate the purpose or outcome of an interaction. For example, an agent can indicate a completed sale, a customer dissatisfied with service, or a billing problem.

Specify wrap-up codes in the Wrap-up Codes panel during the interaction or during after-call work (ACW). The Wrap-up Codes panel opens automatically after an interaction ends.

To display and select the available wrap-up codes:

  1. Click Wrap-up Codes
  2. To search the list of wrap-up codes, type the name of the wrap-up code you want to use in the Find wrap-up code box.  
  3. From the list, click the appropriate wrap-up code option for the interaction.
    Note: You can specify one wrap-up code for an interaction. If you attempt to specify more wrap-up codes, each new code replaces the one before.
  4. After you have ended the interaction and completed after contact work, select Done.