Series: Set up wrap-up codes

Set up wrap-up codes


  • Routing > Wrap-up Code > Add, Edit, Search, View, Delete permissions

Wrap-up codes indicate the nature of an interaction. Agents specify wrap-up codes after completing an interaction; for example, a completed sale, a customer dissatisfied with service, or a billing problem.

Some features are not available to or not compatible with customers who subscribe to Genesys Cloud workforce engagement from another Genesys platform. For more information, see Workforce Engagement for PureConnect and Genesys Engage users.

For users from another platform, administrators generally should not add, edit, or delete the following:

  • Queues
  • Wrap-up codes
  • Skills (ACD and and language)

Performing these actions leads to inconsistency between platforms. Only use these features when data incorrectly syncs from another platform.

Additionally, phone settings are unavailable to users from another platform.

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