The following permissions:

  • To search the directory: UI > Myorganization > View 
  • To see private groups: Directory > PrivateGroup > View

To search for people, groups, or members of groups in your organization quickly, search the directory:

  1. Click Directory .
  2. Then click My Organization.

To find the people that you want, type keywords in the search field. Keywords can be names, titles, departments, skills, or anything else in profile pages. Restrict your search to specific profile fields for a more exact match. 

  1. Type one or more keywords in the Search field.

    For example, type marketing Spanish to find people who are in the marketing department and speak Spanish.

  2.  Select a result from the list or press Enter for full results.

    The full results list includes all results that contain the keywords you entered.

  3. To sort the results, click People, Groups, or Locations
  4. To search for keywords in only one category, select a category.

    For example, to find people in the marketing department who list Spanish in their profile, search for Spanish. Then to refine the results, under Departments, click Marketing.

You can search for groups within your organization the same way you search for people. 

  1. In the Search  field, type keywords that describe the group.
  2. Select the group from the results list or from the Search page.
  3. Then you can do any of the following:
    • To see the members of the group, search the list or scroll through the list.
    • To filer the list, click All Members and select Owners, Individuals, or Rules.
    • To contact members of the group, to the rightmost of the member’s name, click More . Then click Phone or Chat .

Note: To search for outside contacts, use External Contacts.