About search

Search helps you find co-workers, groups, places, and more.

Search the Directory

Find people, groups, locations, or external contacts by typing in the search field. Or, search by categories, such as skill, title, department, certification, and more. 

Search from profiles

Use profile page features to search for people by tags or relationships. See everyone in the company with that same tag, or find people based on their relationship with others, by clicking a tag in a profile.

Communicate from search

In the search results, you can instantly see whether people are available, away, or busy. Start a chat with someone, or view their contact card to see more contact information. Favorite the people and groups you contact most often to add them to your Favorites list.

Search chat history

Find a previous chat message by searching the history of the chat room. 

Search Documents

Avoid scanning long lists of files or opening individual files to find a specific piece of information. Find your files quickly using full-text search, tags, keywords, and filtered search.