Open and play a voicemail

Feature coming soon: Voicemail transcriptions
  • VoicemailVoicemail > Receive permission
  • Conversation > Call > Add permission

Open voicemail from an email notification

Genesys Cloud sends you an email notification when you receive a voicemail. To listen to the voicemail, open the .wav file that is attached to the email notification.

  • Genesys Cloud users in HIPAA-compliant organizations continue to receive in-app notifications for new voicemails. To listen voicemails, access your inbox. 
  • Email notifications are in English even if you select a language other than English.
  • If your administrator enables voicemail transcriptions, the email notification includes a transcription of the voicemail content. Depending on the length of the voicemail, transcriptions can take a few minutes to process.

Open voicemail from your inbox

  1. Access your voicemail box.
  2. Click the voicemail that you want to play. 
    Note: The Group icon indicates that messages are group messages.
  3. Click Play . The voicemail plays on your default speakers. 
Note: To download a message, click Download .