Open and play a voicemail

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Open voicemail from an email notification

Genesys Cloud sends you an email notification when you receive a voicemail. You can listen to the voicemail by opening the .wav file that is attached to the email notification.

  • If you are a Genesys Cloud user in a HIPAA-compliant organizationyou will continue to receive in-app notifications for new voicemails. You can listen to voicemails by accessing your inbox. 
  • There is a compatibility issue with Microsoft Outlook version 15.27 for Mac 2016 that creates an issue when you forward an email to another user. If you experience this issue when you forward an email notification to another user, update to the latest version of Outlook. 
  • Email notifications are in English, even if your selected language is not English.

Open voicemail from your inbox

  1. Access your voicemail box.
  2. Click the voicemail you want. 
    Note: Group messages are identified by a group icon. 
  3. Click Play.
    The voicemail plays on your computer’s default speakers. 
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    Click the image for details.
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