Work with ACD voicemail interactions


  • Voicemail > AcdVoicemail > View assigned to any user role
  • A computer with headphones or speakers

ACD voicemail interactions are created when a call flow has been configured to provide callers an option to leave a voicemail instead of connecting with an agent. Some examples include a closed queue or a busy queue with a long wait time. Once a caller records a voicemail, Genesys Cloud routes it to an available agent on the specified queue.

Note: When you configure a call flow in Architect with the Transfer to voicemail action, callers can leave a voicemail while in the queue, rather than wait to connect to an agent. When a caller leaves a voicemail, the interaction retains the priority of the voice interaction, and the voicemail routes to the next available agent.

Accept an ACD voicemail interaction

  1. Log in as an agent and go on queueThe Interactions panel opens. ACD voicemail interactions appear in the Active Interactions list. 
  2. To accept the interaction, click Answer. The voicemail appears.

  3. To listen to the voicemail, click Play. The voicemail plays on your computer’s default speakers.

Respond to the voicemail

You can handle some voicemail interactions without returning the contact’s call. Most, however, require a callback.

If the ACD call flow is configured to capture the caller’s phone number, the number appears above the voicemail. If the voicemail indicates that the caller prefers a different callback number, you can add it by clicking  and entering the number.

  1. To return the call, click Begin Call.
  2. End the call and complete after call work (ACW).
  3.  To complete the interaction, click Done.

Adjust playback volume

Adjust the voicemail playback loudness with the volume control.

Adjust playback speed

Adjust the voicemail playback speed with the speed toggle.