The following permissions:

  • VoicemailVoicemail > Receive (to receive voicemails)
  • Greetings > Greeting > Add (to add a voicemail greeting)
  • Greetings > Greeting > Delete (to delete a voicemail greeting)
  • Greetings > Greeting > Edit (to edit a voicemail greeting)
Note: To use your selected phone to access your voicemail, use the Genesys Cloud dialpad or your phone’s touchpad to dial *86. If one is available, you can also press your phone’s voicemail button. For more information, see About the telephone user interface.
  1. Click Inbox .
  2. Click Voicemails The voicemail icon. Your voicemails display the following information, when applicable:
    • Phone number
    • Genesys Cloud user name
Note: By default, your Genesys Cloud voicemail uses automated messages. For more information about how to customize your voicemail experience, see About voicemail.