Forward a voicemail

Note: There is a compatibility issue with Microsoft Outlook version 15.27 for Mac 2016 that creates an issue when you forward an email to another user. If you experience this issue, please update to the latest version of Outlook.

  • Communicate – User default role
  • VoicemailVoicemail > Receive permission
  1. Open the voicemail in your voicemail box.
  2. To include a note with the voicemail, click Edit. Then type your note and click Save.
  3. Click the forward button.
  4. In the field, begin typing the name of the group or individual to whom you are forwarding the email.
    Note: As soon as you click a name, Genesys Cloud sends the voicemail.
  5. Select the group or individual.
    The voicemail is sent immediately. A copy of the voicemail remains in your inbox. An icon appears below the phone number. Hover over the icon to see to whom you forwarded the voicemail.
Note: If you receive a voicemail, an icon appears next to the voicemail. Hover over the icon to see who forwarded the voicemail to you.