• Genesys Cloud CX 2, Genesys Cloud CX 3, Genesys Cloud CX 1 Digital Add-on II, Genesys Cloud CX 2 Digital, or Genesys Cloud CX 3 Digital license
  • Conversation > threadingTimeline > Edit permission
  • Conversation > threadingTimeline > View permission

    A messaging threading timeline determines the amount of time a messaging conversation remains open after the agent/system disconnects. Once disconnected, the messaging threading timeline begins and will determine how long a messaging conversation threads together before the next message sent starts a new conversation. The messaging threading timeline feature is available for all Genesys Cloud messaging channels: third-party messaging, SMS messaging, Genesys Cloud web messaging, and open messaging.

    You can configure the amount of time from 0 to 72 hours in 1-minute increments. The default is 72 hours. Shortening the amount of time a conversation remains open:

    • Creates separate conversations more frequently.
    • More quickly removes the routing of a conversation to the last agent. For example, when a customer messages a business frequently on different days.
    • Prevents the prior conversation context from displaying to an agent.
    • Helps ensure that the agent experience stays manageable and frequent messages from the same customer do not exceed conversation size limits. For more information, see Conversation size limitations in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center.

    To configure the messaging threading timeline:

    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under Message, click Threading Timeline.
    3. Turn on the toggle next to a messaging channel to enable the threading timeline for the messaging channel. Leave the toggle turned off to set the threading timeline to 0. A threading timeline of 0 ensures every reply or agentless outbound messaging from a disconnected conversation starts a new conversation.
    4. Enter the amount of time in minutes for the threading timeline. The default is 4320 minutes or 72 hours.
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each messaging channel to enable the threading timeline for the channel.
    6. Click Save.