Web messaging overview

Web messaging: Feature coming soon

Web messaging provides customers with an enhanced experience when they visit your website. Unlike web chat, which provides instant, stand-alone chats, web messaging enables a visitor to enter your site, converse with an agent, and return later to pick up the conversation. Managers, supervisors, and agents can view the entire customer journey data in the web messaging interaction. Web messaging shares the same features and capabilities as the other Genesys Cloud messaging channels that use ACD messaging to enable agents to respond to customer interactions.

Web messaging offers these advantages over web chat:

  • Asynchronous conversations, customers can return and resume where they left off
  • Unified agent and supervisor experience across all Genesys Cloud messaging channels
  • Inbound and outbound image attachments
  • Basic and customized messenger configuration and deployment in the Genesys Cloud Admin UI (coming soon)


Messenger enables web messaging by providing a predefined messenger client that customers use to interact with bots and agents. It includes a launcher button that you can configure and deploy using public REST APIs. For more information, see Get started with web messaging.

You can define the appearance and behavior of the messenger window.

Customer experience

Here is an example of the customer side of a web messaging interaction that includes an image attachment.

Agent experience

Here is an example of the agent side of a web messaging interaction in the Interactions panel. It is similar to other messaging interactions.