Open messaging is a lightweight integration that facilitates messaging with third-party systems and external messaging services. With open messaging you can leverage Genesys Cloud’s asynchronous ACD capabilities to route inbound open messages to the right queues and agents. Asynchronous messaging allows conversations to remain active so that customers can continue conversations at their preferred pace. Additionally, you can use Inbound Message flows in Architect to route inbound open messages to integrations, bots, and queues based on message content.

Open messaging consists of a public API with webhooks. Open messages can originate when a customer sends a message, or as agentless outbound messages that are sent directly by the API. When an open message is sent, the API directs it to the outbound webhook you configure. From there, your middleware prepares the message for consumption by your third-party system or external messaging service where your customers receive the message.

Your customers use the third-party system or external messaging service to send messages to your middleware. You can use an inbound message flow in Architect to route those messages to the appropriate agent. To agents, incoming open messages appear with the standard SMS icon along with either the queue name or integration name.

For more information, see Get started with open messaging