Genesys Cloud third-party messaging allows agents to respond to interactions from various third-party messaging platforms. Genesys Cloud currently supports Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging, and WhatsApp. Third-party messaging shares the same features and capabilities as the other Genesys Cloud messaging channels that use ACD messaging to enable agents to respond to customer interactions.

After you create a messaging app using the method outlined by the third-party messaging platform, link that app to Genesys Cloud by configuring the messaging integration from the Platforms page. Each third-party platform requires specific configuration settings to integrate with Genesys Cloud. 

You can configure one or more messaging integrations for each third-party platform. This process allows organizations with multiple accounts on a single platform to configure messaging integrations with each of those accounts within their organization.

For more information on how to configure messaging integrations for your third-party platform of choice, see About third-party messaging .