Architect allows the flow author to maintain several aspects of flow configuration, including validation and error review, publishing the flow for activation, and other management features such as save or delete, import and export, lock and unlock, and check in or out. 

To help familiarize yourself with managing a flow, review the following pages:

Page Features you can configure

Open an existing flow or View a previous version of a flow

See the various ways to open an existing flow, or open a previous version of a flow for read-only viewing.

Validate a flow

Learn about the validation process and how to check the flow for errors.

Publish a flow

For new flows, the Publish action makes the flow available to admins, who can assign numbers and activate the flow. For existing flows, publishing a flow puts the changes into effect immediately.

Maintain a flow

This article describes how to:

  • Save, but not publish, additions or changes to the flow
  • Check in flows to save the current version and allow other users to check it out
  • Discard unsaved changes
  • Import or export flow configuration files

Print a flow

Create a PDF or print a local copy of a call flow's menu and task structure. You can print a copy of a locked or unlocked flow.

Delete a flow

With the appropriate role, you can delete one or more flows at at time.

Unlock a call flow

Learn how to unlock, or check in, your configuration. With the appropriate role, learn how to unlock a flow locked by another user.

Filter the list of flows

Use sort and filter features to narrow the list of flows on the Manage Flows page.