Manage prompt resources in the flow

In the Resources area of the call flow, select Prompts. The list of variable data appears in the Prompts pane on the right side of the page. The Prompts pane includes the following columns:

Page Features you can configure

Ensure all prompts have audio

Select this check box to return an error message if a prompt in the list does not contain an audio .wav file resource.


Click the prompt resource name to open the Edit Prompt dialog box, where you can:

  • Update the name and description
  • Preview, download, clear, upload, or record a new prompt
  • Add or edit TTS for the resource


Indicates whether the prompt is a user or system prompt.


Lists as a link the place or number of places where the resource is used within the flow. To navigate to the area of the flow in which the resource is set, do the following:

  1. Click the usage link to open the Usages dialog box.
  2. In the Location column, click the desired link associated with the resource.


Optionally describes more detailed information about the data resource.


Click the appropriate language link to preview, download, clear, upload, or record a new prompt from your browser.