Series: Install and configure the Amazon Polly integration

This installation integrates the Amazon Polly text-to-speech (TTS) engine into Genesys Cloud using your Amazon account. Install the Amazon Polly integration from Genesys AppFoundry. Installation adds the app to your organization’s Admin > Integrations page. Then configure and activate the integration.

Note: Before you can obtain the Amazon Polly premium application, you must contact Genesys Cloud Sales to update your subscription. For more information, see What are premium applications? and About premium applications.

  1. Ensure that your subscription is updated.
  2. Log in to Genesys Cloud for the org in which to add Amazon Polly.
  3. Click Admin.
  4. Under Integrations, click Integrations.
  5. Click Integrations.
  6. In the Search box, type Amazon Polly. The card for Amazon Polly appears.
  7. Click the Amazon Polly card. Information about the app appears.
  8. Click Install.

Amazon Polly is now available to configure and activate from Genesys Cloud’s Admin > Integrations page. 

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