About bring your own technology (BYOT)

Genesys Cloud is an extensible customer experience platform, offering an array of third-party applications to expand capabilities through a Bring Your Own Technology services model.

BYOT overview

BYOT Text-to-speech (TTS)

Use the default Genesys text-to-speech (TTS) engine, or add third-party TTS engine integrations. Select from available voice options. By default, the organization’s TTS engine is Genesys TTS. To access more third-party TTS engines in Architect, first obtain them from the Genesys AppFoundry.

BYOT Speech-to-text (STT)

Add a speech-to-text integration from AppFoundry and then use it in Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows for real-time recognition. You can use the transcribed utterances to voice-enable an external chat bot.


Genesys Cloud offers voice and chat bot integrations for use in Architect interaction flows. Learn about text-to-speech providers that you can install and use in Genesys Cloud bots and bot  integrations.


Learn about TTS, STT, language selection, and testing. Review PCI DSS compliance. Understand the channel and bot capabilities in Genesys Cloud. Manage the default TTS engine for your organization.