About bring your own technology (BYOT)

Genesys Cloud is an extensible customer experience platform, offering an array of third-party applications to expand capabilities through a Bring Your Own Technology services model.

BYOT overview

BYOT Text-to-speech (TTS)

Use the default Genesys text-to-speech (TTS) engine, or add third-party TTS engine integrations. Select from available voice options. By default, the organization’s TTS engine is Genesys TTS. To access more third-party TTS engines in Architect, first obtain them from the Genesys AppFoundry.

BYOT Speech-to-text (STT)

Add a speech-to-text integration from AppFoundry and then use it in Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows for real-time recognition. You can use the transcribed utterances to voice-enable an external chat bot.


Genesys Cloud offers voice and chat bot integrations for use in Architect interaction flows. Learn about text-to-speech providers that you can install and use in Genesys Cloud bots and bot  integrations.