Work with prompts

  • Architect > UI > View

To work with system prompts, the following permissions:

  • Architect > System Prompt > Edit
  • Architect > System Prompt View

To work with user prompts, the following permissions:

  • Architect > User Prompt > Add
  • Architect > User Prompt > Edit
  • Architect > User Prompt > View

Architect allows the flow author to configure and manage prompts. Prompt resources can be audio files, text-to-speech, or data expressions. Prompts are essentially containers for one or more prompt resources in a flow. A prompt informs the caller that an action is required or that a process is complete, and guides callers through an interaction of some sort. For example, Architect can play a prompt when control is passed to a menu, when a call is transferred to another flow, or when an action is required of the caller.

To help familiarize yourself with prompts, review the following pages:

Page Features you can configure

Prompts overview

Learn how prompts and prompt resources are handled in Architect.

About System prompts

System prompts are Architect-provided, generic prompts to indicate numbers, dates, days of the week, months, and so on. Learn about system prompt behavior here.

About User prompts

User prompts are company-specific prompts created by Architect users. If you have the appropriate role, you can create, modify, and delete user prompts. Learn more about user prompts here.

Navigate the prompts tabs

View the features available from the User Prompts and System Prompts tabs.

Updated prompt behavior in the call flow

When you publish a call flow, Architect “snapshots”, or copies, any included User prompts and stores them with the published flow. If you delete a User prompt included in a published or active flow, the snapshot ensures that the flow will not be affected by the deleted prompt. For details, and an example of updated prompt behavior, see this article.

Note: Unlike other flows, Architect does not snapshot prompts when you publish a bot flow. Bot flows always use the latest version of the prompt.

Add languages to the Prompts tab

Add languages to appear on the User Prompts and System Prompts tabs to see which configured prompts exist for a particular language.

Add a prompt

Learn how to add a prompt in Architect.

Configure prompt resources

View tasks such as uploading or recording prompts, adding text-to-speech, and setting up an audio sequence.

Manage prompts

Learn how to edit, sort, and delete user and system prompts.

Bulk prompt import

Use the Import feature to add multiple user prompts to your application in a single session.