Group membership rules

You can use membership group rules to automatically add individuals to groups based criteria in their profile. For example, you can make a group based on Skill: Data mapping. When people add Data mapping to the Skills section of their profile, PureCloud automatically adds them to the group. Removing the skill removes them from the group.

You can create membership rules based on:

  • Keyword — Values in the profile like Title, Department, Skill, or Certification
  • Relationship — Hierarchical associations with a selected individual (such as managers, peers, or reports)

Each rule is set for exclusion or inclusion, so that you can create a group as follows:

  • Include: Anne and her direct reports
  • Exclude: John (who reports to Anne) and his direct reports
  • Include: Martin (even though he reports to John)

The following example shows (1) a rule by relationship, and (2) a rule by keyword.Group relationship rule examples