If you are a member of a group, by default, you automatically receive all notifications for that group’s chat room. If you are not a member of a specific group, you can participate in group chat conversations by joining the group’s chat room.

Note: Some groups are private, which makes them invisible to you unless you are a member or someone invites you to the chat room.

To join a group’s chat room, click the chat icon for the group. The group’s chat icon appears in search results, in the Directory, and on the group’s profile pageJoin group chat The group opens in the chat window, and Genesys Cloud adds the group’s chat room to your chat roster.

To leave the group chat room, hover over the group name in the chat roster and click Close Conversation . When you join a public group chat room, only you can remove yourself. To remove yourself, close the conversation. If you are a member of a group, the room reopens in your chat roster when anyone posts a new chat message in the room. 

  • When you try to join a group chat room that is full, you can only browse the group chat's history. You cannot join the chat, post messages, or search chat history until other users leave the chat room. For more information, see What does it mean if the group chat room is full? 
  • Chat conversations are permanent, and you cannot manually delete them.