Understand group workspace membership

A group workspace has members who work with its documents.

Who can be members

You can designate any PureCloud user and any official Directory group as a member of any workspace.  

Important: To manage access to sensitive files, we recommend adding individual users to workspaces instead of Directory groups. 

Directory groups as members

To streamline the process of maintaining workspace membership, add a Directory group to the workspace:

  • If the owner of the Directory group adds people to the group, then those same people receive access to the files in the workspace.
  • If a rule determines the membership of a Directory group, and a new user meets that rule, then that user is automatically added to your workspace.
Tip: To add lots of members to a workspace, use groups. A workspace can have a total of 200 users and groups combined. For example, you can either add 200 users or 200 groups, or 100 users and 100 groups.


Notes: To view and manage content within a group workspace, you must add yourself as a member of that workspace. You cannot add social Directory groups as members of a workspace.