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Get started with Agent Assist

Feature coming soon: Agent assist

  • Edge and Media Tier version or later. Agent Assist is only available on cloud-based media services. Ensure that the cloud-based media services for Genesys Cloud Voice and BYOC Cloud are already running the necessary versions.
  • A Google Cloud Platform account
  • A notification that Genesys has enabled Agent Assist for your organization

Note: Agent Assist is not available on on-premises Edge solutions.

Agents can use Agent Assist to get real-time transcriptions of calls and suggestions based on customer conversations. Administrators can easily configure and deploy a standardized implementation of the Agent Assist integration in the Admin pages of Genesys Cloud.

To get started with Agent Assist configuration:

  1. Configure a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project.
  2. Enable the Agent Assist with Google Cloud integration.
    1. Install the Agent Assist with Google Cloud integration.
    2. Trigger automatic allow-listing of your GCP project.
    3. Get the Agent Assist integration ID.
  3. Add knowledge articles or FAQs to Google Cloud Storage.
  4. Create a conversation profile in the Google Cloud Agent Assist console.
  5. Configure GCP permissions for your project.
    1. Find your Google credentials.
    2. Give IAM permissions to the Genesys GCP service account.
  6. Configure agent assistants in Genesys Cloud.
    1. Create an agent assistant in Genesys Cloud.
    2. Assign queues to the agent assistant.
    3. Enable line recording for the trunk.

For more information on working with Agent Assist, see Work with Agent Assist.

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