Genesys Cloud allows the learning administrators to create a learning module by integrating their external content with Genesys Cloud via Learning APIs.

    The external learning modules are read-only, so you cannot make any edits to the course content. The administrator can hide the external module from the Catalogue view so that the managers cannot see this module for manual assignment. 

    • When creating or updating the external module via the API, you can add only one content of the type URL that links to the external service to direct the user automatically to the correct URL from the splash page.
    • You cannot add an assessment in Genesys Cloud for the external modules. You can add the assessment data only from the external source.
    • Under the Catalogue, you can view only those modules that you can assign to an agent. Under the Catalogue, you cannot see modules that require self-enrollment or pre-enrollment by agents.
    • When an agent accesses the already completed external module, the agent gets directed to the standard module screen with the Content and Results tab to review the results from the external source.
    • You cannot Reset or Assign Again for the external modules.

    You can assign modules both manually and via the Auto Assign tab.

    To see the external learning modules:

    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under Performance & Engagement, click Development and Feedback.
    3. From the Select Module Type(s) drop-down menu, select External to view only the external learning modules.

    For more information on the best practices, see External learning module best practices