The following permissions for agents:

  • Gamification > Leaderboard > View
  • Gamification > Scorecard > View
  • Workforce Management > Agent Schedule View 
  • Coaching Appointment Participate 
  • Learning > Assignment View 
  • Quality > Evaluation > Edit Agent Sign-off 
  • UI > Agent Activity > View

Genesys Cloud lists the Activity app as a component to the existing Genesys Cloud App Package. Administrators can use the Activity app to configure a custom, embedded agent activity tab in their corporate environment.

The Activity application enables agents to examine their performance within their own environment with ease. They do not have to switch between Genesys Cloud and the corporate environment manually.

In their embedded agent activity tab, agents can inspect:

  • Profile picture and name
  • Mini-Schedule
  • Overview: Coaching Appointments, Scorecard Summary, Evaluation Summary and Evaluations due for review, Personal Bests, Assigned Learning Modules
  • Scorecard 
  • Leaderboards
  • Schedule 

For more information about what agents can see under the Activity tab, see the related articles:

Note: This feature is intended for users of the Embeddable Framework. If you are using a CRM system and Genesys Cloud, but not the Embeddable Framework, we recommend that you continue using your CRM system and the full Genesys Cloud client separately.