Genesys Cloud EX (employee experience) enables organizations to transform their approach to employee engagement and to deliver higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Genesys Cloud EX provides a complete set of tools to manage the employee development journey in any organization or discipline. The platform includes capabilities for onboarding, learning and training, workforce management, performance management, gamification, coaching, interaction recording and quality management.

Genesys Cloud EX is a separate base license from Genesys Cloud CX or Genesys Cloud CX Digital.  The Genesys Cloud EX license is a Genesys Cloud package that is similar to Genesys Cloud CX, but includes no voice or digital interaction handling capabilities. This license allows users to leverage all Workforce Engagement Management capabilities from Genesys Cloud CX on voice interactions that are handled on a third party contact center platform. For more information about how to build a Genesys Cloud EX integration application, see Genesys Cloud EX Integration Guide

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