• Master admin role with the following permissions:
    • Learning > Assignment > All
    • Learning > Module > All
    • Learning > Rule > All


    • Performance admin role with the following permissions:
      • Learning > Assignment > Add, Delete, Reset, View
      • Learning > Module > Add, Archive, Delete, Edit, Publish
      • Learning > Rule > Edit, View

    Content entails the information that you want the agent to learn. The content can be a video that the agent must watch, a document that the agent must study, a URL to a site with important information, and so on.


    When working with Development and Feedback, you can only create, work with, edit, and assign a feedback module in divisions for which you have permission. That is, you can only view data from the divisions that you are a member of. For more information, see Divisions overview and Assign roles, divisions, licenses, and add-ons.

    Content must be in one of the following file types:

    • images (.bmp, .gif, .jpeg/.jpg, .png) 
    • documents (.pdf)
    • video (.mpeg/.mpg/.mp4)
    • audio (.mpeg/.mpg/.mp4, .mpeg3/.mp3)

    Use Genesys Cloud Documents to store the content files.

    To add content to a module:

    1. In the module creator, click the Content tab.
    2. Add content to the module.
      • To upload new content, select the workspace, add tags, and then click Upload.
      • If you want to use a file already in your document, you can search for the document. Click the filter button if you want to filter your results. You can filter by Workspace, Name/Tags, Date, or File Type.
        Note: Share the content from Documents with full access with all learning managers so that they can edit the Admin view.  
        You do not have to share the content from Content Management with the agent explicitly. After you associate content with a module and assign the module to an agent, the agent can access the content.
    3. To add more content, click Add Content and repeat step 2.
    4. Reorder the content using the arrows in the content row. This order is your suggestion for how agents must proceed through the module. Agents can decide to go through the content in any order they choose.

    • When you modify the content listed in the Content tab, any new assignments of the module use the new/updated content. Any module that is currently in progress also references the new content.
    • When updating the content in Content Management while a course is in progress, the latest content from Content Management is used.
    • Upon deleting the content in Content Management, the module shows an error that the linked content is no longer available.